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We are entrepreneurs, physicians, and medical professionals who found and fund companies shepherding them from ideas through recurring revenue. Lateral champions a modular approach to entrepreneurship by turning our cost centers into marketable products and services.


Our synergistic portfolio allows us to knock down administrative barriers by leveraging hard-to-build infrastructure such as access to medical billing, provider networks, patient, staff, and point of care/point of sale infrastructure.

We align incentives by being both investor and entrepreneur, bringing value to both sides of the table. This allows us to provide academics, students, and innovators a de-risked platform for them to participate in entrepreneurship even if it’s something that they’ve never tried before.

Who We Are

Immense opportunity exists at the intersection of highly technical issues in biology such as clinical validation of new products and services (e.g., COVID testing) and care delivery. As new initiates to the field, medical students are still fresh enough to see old problems in a new light. We want to empower you with the tools to bring your ideas to fruition and help solve the most pressing problems facing the American healthcare system today.

There is great need for passionate innovators with an on-the-ground healthcare perspective -- we need you.

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